Are you planning to use email marketing for your business? Perhaps more exactly, you feel like you need some email marketing or you are already into it but don’t know how to make most of it. In this article, we will provide you some hard hitting tactics to enhance your list and drive more traffic to your site.

There are two main things that you require to maintain your email list and they are:

  • First and foremost, your subscribers should be able to customize their preferences or back out if they want.
  • The second essential element is cleaning and gathering your inactive subscribers, proactively.

Let’s walk through some valuable tips to make your audience love your email list.

1.  Create Email Subscription Centers

One of the best ways to establish trust with your customers is allowing them to take control of the communication they receive. It means that you need to allow your audience to opt out, else your subscribers will march out of the door. So, wouldn’t it be better to provide them with some subscription frequency options? Yes, this solution will help you reduce opt outs incredibly.

In order to do this, you need to create a subscription center on your website. When, subscribers click the option “unsubscribe” or “manage my preferences”, they will be taken to your subscription center, where they will be provided with the option of customizing their communication preferences. Also, they can opt to change the frequency through which they receive emails. Perhaps, they still like your services and don’t want to leave your campaign.

Here, we provide you an example from Bonobos which is a men’s clothing line. When their subscribers click “unsubscribe” in an email, they are taken to the subscription page of the brand, so they can choose different communication options and stick to their services. By using humorous and appealing language, you can convince your visitors to stay within your brand rather than opting out.

Other brands which implement the same strategy include Fab, Marketo and many other companies.

2.  Use Newsletter in Your Mails

This is another useful strategy to relate your readers with the articles and web content, using newsletter. By doing this, not only you will link to your content, but you will also give clickers an opportunity to see your mailings directly.

3.  Determine Appealing Content

Once you have defined your audience, it’s time to think what you are going to say to your readers. This is a killer strategy to hypnotize your audience with your email list. If your readers have signed up, then you should consider delivering what they want. This will help you prepare an outline of general topics that you might add in each mail. Also, if you are adding newsletter in your mail, this outline will help you know that you are running on the right track. The things you should include in your mail are:

  • News coverage
  • Upcoming events
  • Player profiles
  • Photographs from past events
  • Popular posts links on Twitter, Facebook
  • An article about your company

These are the things that you might want to share with your subscribers and they will definitely find them interesting. Further, you can create content exclusively for your readers and also reward them for caring about your offers.


4.  Wipe out your Inactive Subscribers

It has been found from most marketers that there is a significant percentage of their inactive subscribers who don’t bother to open mails, read them or even unsubscribe them. If you have already identified the list, then remove them. To convert your inactive subscribers into your active customers, you need to improve email deliverability. So, make sure your mails are being delivered to the inbox on time.

5.  Determine your Sending Frequency

Creating all sending frequencies equally is not a pragmatic approach. It purely depends on the type of users. Some users like Rooftop or Longreads that are usually sent on Fridays in the form of little egifts. On the other hand, some users like Quartz or Dave Pell that is sent on a daily basis. Now, you have to decide what works best for your campaign and users. We recommend you to email subscribers at least monthly, as some of them may forget they opted in and may report your mails for spam.

6.  Create a Welcome Message

A welcome email is the first thing your users will get and it can do great things. A good welcome email should include certain deliverables and benefits that subscribers will get from your mail campaign. It should be short, compelling and should tell about your future plans.

7.  State Expertise in your Mails

Simply spouting your views and ideas will not work effectively in your online business. For success, you need to give name and labels to your thoughts and present your approach with empirical evidences. This will have far more impact on your readers.

8.  Apologize when needed

Things are not always going to be right! As human beings we all make mistakes. When you do so, confront it, admit the error and state clearly that you are sorry.

9.  Promote on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

You can spread your email listing in an effective way by using Social Media sites. By posting a small fragment of your email content on Facebook or Twitter, you can attract more followers to subscribe your mails. Don’t forget to provide a link to Signup forms.

10.  Encourage Sharing

If you really want your services to be known and liked by a large number of users, then you should think about adding a “share with a friend” link in all your mails. This will help you share your email content at large scale.

All of these are winning strategies that millions of online marketers have benefited from. You can check out the reviews online how these have transformed their lives in no time!  So which strategy appealed you the most or which one are you planning to implement the next? Do share with us!