In the beginning of web development, the concept of banners was introduced for promoting various brands and the first ever banner ad campaign was launched in 1994. This marketing technique has earned publishers greater popularity and billions of dollars in revenues. Online advertising is still evolving around us, so we are standing on the doorstep of an even superior conception: Retargeting Banner Advertising- the most productive marketing strategy, which brings in outstanding and longer lasting results.

Retargeting not only helps businesses to extend their online presence, but it also keeps relevant messages and offers in front of your target and proactive audience- especially those who are already familiar with your brand and value proposition. So, marketers who aren’t applying right retargeting strategies are seriously killing their bottom line.

5 Tips to Remember

Does retargeting work? Yes, retargeting works extremely well, but you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it. While using retargeting advertising, keep one important thing in mind that ‘less is more’ and note the following recommendations for best outcomes.

1.  Creative is Key

Banners are purely dependent on art and good copy. All you need for successful banner advertising is a proactive content, quality graphics, an effective branding element and an encouraging action directive. There are many designers out there, who create extremely attention grabbing banner ads, but they don’t give reason to click. So, if you want your campaign to work smoothly, you need to get as many clicks as possible.

2.  Test Lots of Different Designs and Sizes

Testing and optimization will provide you the data you need so as to run your campaign with greater efficiency. Test different sizes and designs for your banner ads to know what works best for your site. Instead of depending on what you ‘think it will work’, test, measure and optimize to generate incredible leads and sales.

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3.  Make Sure Your Branding is Prominent

Your brand- especially your company’s logo should be most prominent in your banner ads- that’s because it connects your users to the products and services available on your website.

4.  Combine ‘Whale’ Hunting and High Intent

By this point, we mean you should kick off your advertising campaign with forceful promotion and messaging. For example, you can add several discounts, special gifts, incentives or coupons in your banner ads. Once you have retained your users’ attention, focus on pushing more value driven messaging- like long term customer services and differentiators.

5.  Recall Funnel Bounces

If you want your advertising campaign to run smoothly, you need to track your audience that who has utilized your online shopping carts more frequently. In this way, you can easily retarget those customers with alluring banners and enticing offers that might help you make the most of your retargeting efforts.

Undoubtedly, retargeting is an extremely productive and long term advertising strategy, as it recaptures a segment of the market that has already been out to your brand. While most marketers utilize different forms of tactics and spend a lot of money to enhance their brand awareness, retargeting has grown widely and has made the entire process easier for us. Even companies with lower budget can easily afford to apply retargeting strategies in order to boost their advertising campaigns. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get the gains that you deserve!