There are many marketers around who started out their online businesses and tried every other tactic to drive more and more traffic to their sites. In the end, they failed! Their situation was similar to throwing spaghetti at the wall to observe what would stick and eventually, they found nothing but a splotchy wall with negligible traffic.

Today, things are changed and you have much better options to generate traffic and conversions, incredibly. Now, you can know what works best for you, combining the right tactics into a bigger policy based on the results you want.

When it comes to advertising and promotion of a brand, there are tons of metrics to follow. Running Solo Ads could be the most effective technique to advertise your services.

How to Write Good Solo Ads- One That Pulls Results!

Let’s walk through the six strategic ways, no matter what kind of business or blog you run.

1.  Create an Attention Grabbing Subject Line for your Solo Ad

Whenever you are creating a Solo Ad, always keep in mind that a subject line has the utmost impact on your ad. It basically serves as the headline of your ad, so it has to be very compelling. It will be the first thing your viewers will notice, whether or not they open your mail. Here are some quick and easy tips to make your subject line attention grabbing:

  • Be straight forward and realistic.
  • Don’t make such claims that are too mind boggling.
  • Keep your subject lines short and attractive.
  • Your subject line should contain up to 30 to 35 characters, so it is easily readable, while it’s still in the inbox.
  • Never promise the moon (big earnings) in your subject line that you can’t deliver. It simply makes your readers suspicious.

2. Build Interesting Body Text

If you worked hard on your subject line, your readers will definitely open your mail. Now, this is the time when you need to keep them engaged in the body text.

One of the most effective ways is to create a story in your body text that readers can relate to. If you are selling stuff like ‘make money online’, then you can describe them how you have struggled to reach your goals, and finally you got this formula and started making incredible sales. This strategy might help you gain their attention. Give it a try!


3. Create Desire in Your Readers

Readers are merely attracted by the benefits they are going to receive. So, it’s important that you include some practical benefits they’ll get after taking the action you want them to take. Make them realize how they would feel experiencing those benefits. So, create desire in them!

4. Call to Action

This strategy is followed by all successful marketers, who place call to action links at different spots throughout their mails. They could be very useful, if placed right after a stated benefit.

5. Convince Them to Take Possible Actions

The main purpose of developing a Solo Ad is to create a sense of urgency in your visitors. For example, you can tell them that tomorrow will be too late and your offer is available for limited time or they’ll be getting it on the first come first serve basis, so they shouldn’t miss the chance. Also, you should use lines like “Hurry Up!”, “Don’t be the last one to get it!” and so on. This strategy works extremely well, so make sure you give them reasons to take immediate action after reading your mail.

6. Avoid Misspelled Words and Typos

Sometimes minor mistakes can break the path to your success. It is suggested to check your ad thoroughly before mailing it, so there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes found in your text. This can truly distract your visitors and can prove to be a big turn off for your business.

Solo Ads are the most powerful advertising tools, but any marketer or advertiser has to know that a poorly written ad can affect your campaign dramatically. Since now you know everything to create a killer Solo Ad that pulls amazing outcomes that you have longed for, make your advertising campaign extremely profitable and worthwhile by creating a mind blowing Solo Ad! Good Luck!