Most of the business owners realize the value of generating their organic rankings on Google, but the importance of Pay Per Click campaigns and advertising is often undervalued. It is true that organic search results are one of the best ways to boost web traffic and enhance the visibility of any business, but we should also understand that there are only 10 to 16 spots available on the front page of Google. In this competitive market, millions of people will be fighting to get on the coveted first page. This is quite complicated!

Here is another effective solution to this dilemma- Pay Per Click Advertising, through which all businesses will be getting equal opportunities to expose their brand and services on the front page of Google results. Isn’t it amazing?

Choosing the appropriate and valuable keywords is very important, as online marketers put Pay Per Click ads based on search engine keywords that potential users would likely search for. So, let’s figure out how one can find the highest paying keywords for pay per click ads:

5 Winning Strategies to Choose Right Keywords

  1. First of all, create a list of topics that relates to your services and products. In this way, you can list out specific keywords for marketing campaign.
  2. Take help from top search engine keyword tool, like Google Ad words, Wordtracker, Word Stream and so on. That will help you determine the most valuable keywords. These tools will let you know which keywords are high in demand and also evaluate the monthly search volume. Another effective keyword tool is the Bing Ads, which is the collaboration of Microsoft and Yahoo, and helps you identify top search terms. Some other rising keyword tools include Ad Click Media, Bid Vertiser and 7 Search– all of these provide you with best lists of keywords.
  3. You can also add results from more than one PPC tool, so your keyword lists will be enhanced and you can explore highest paying terms for your site. For this purpose, you can use Google Ad Words Contextual Targeting Tool which will facilitate you with a group of valuable keywords along with suggested bid costs of keywords.ppc
  4. Another tip is to make use of Social Media Sites to enlarge your keywords list and relevant search terms. Search Engine Watch has explained that all Media sites contain auto fill functions, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that will help you explore high paying keywords for a powerful pay per click campaign. With auto fill results, you will find additional terms that are related to your keywords.
  5. Make sure you monitor your keywords list occasionally as popular Internet search terms, so you can make the changes based on user or seasonal trends.

Three Level Keyword Conversion Model

With the help of this model, we will be able to generate more traffic and convert visitors to potential buyers.

Level 1– High Paying Keywords and High Volume Traffic

The first level is to develop a list of best converting keywords that have high volume of traffic. This list will be the combination of all three tiers and this would require ample time, research and dedication.

Level 2– Low Converting Keywords and High Volume Traffic

The second level involves high volume of traffic with a lower conversion rate. At this stage, you need to develop more keywords as compared to level 1. To acquire best results you need to optimize the conversion rate process as you aspire to convert more of high volume traffic.

Level 3– High Converting Keywords and Low Volume Traffic

This level includes high conversion rate but with a lower volume of traffic. You need to create the biggest keywords list for this tier as compared to levels 1 and 2. The larger is your list, the more traffic you will drive to your site.

If you are going for the first level, then you need to work on your internal linking to these pages. Add more images, videos and reviews to increase site traffic. For the second level, you need to design unique landing pages with the help of Unbounce to get more traffic to your site and increase conversion rate using effective tools like Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely. For the third and final stage, you need to target paid research campaigns in order to generate traffic to your site and approach visitors who have already visited your web page. If you will implement these strategies and action points, it will take your entire business to the next level. See you on top soon!