There is no doubt that ranking higher than your competitors on Search Results is a must. Most of the people aren’t familiar with the tactics and tips to get your eCommerce site on the top.  This is the reason their site is missing out on sales, or perhaps they are missing out on clicks.

Remember, in today’s world, reaching the top isn’t enough. You must rank number 1 and also should know how to maintain your position. For doing this, you need to use different tactics and apply different principles to reserve your place. One of the most effective techniques is using Email Marketing- it means you can strengthen your eCommerce site with the help of emails.

Eight Killer Tips to Make More Money with Email Marketing

In this article, you will get the scoop on the quickest and easiest tips to enhance your eCommerce sites using email marketing.

1. Sell Affiliate Products

You should consider sending the products to your users that are related to your main niche you are currently in. Remember, if you send anything random to the people in your list, you may start losing your clicks. So, always try sending affiliated products and offers.

2. Find Best Time to Send Your Mails

It is not necessary that every user reads or opens your email at the same time or on the same day. Wondering how to find the right time to send your email campaigns? The answer is trial and error method. Yes, you need to send the same emails at different times in a day to check out which gets the best results.

3. Apply Split Testing Rule

Do you prefer reading mails over your movie time or while eating your favorite meal or just before you reach home? Ask yourself, do appealing subject lines compel you to open mails or you prefer something very simple? In the same way, your readers will have different preferences and opinions, especially when it comes to checking emails. So, the best thing to apply here is split testing. By split testing your email messages, you can find out which elements worked well and what you need to improve on. Therefore, you can find this by sending your messages to an extensive list of subscribers.

4. Call to Action

Not every user responds in the same way to your calls to action. So, what’s the best thing to do? Mix up your offers! Yes, you can do it by sending different calls to different users and then analyzing the results. In this way, you will figure out what works best for you and your customers.


5. Never forget Anniversary Triggered Emails

There are many customers in your list who prefer purchasing things once in a year from you. Now, it’s your duty to remind them to come back before their purchase anniversary date arrives. You can remind them after every 3 months and can also include some incentives to attract them to your site again.

6. Treat your Customers in a Special Way

Compelling subject lines are the best way to make your subscribers feel more than special. Subject lines that are exclusively written for the customers tend to have 24% higher open rate than the fixed ones. So be specific and show concern for your customers!

7. Be Timely and relevant

Nobody wants to receive ten emails, so don’t irritate your customers by sending too many emails. Once you have sent your first follow up mail, target your customers within 7 to 8 days. Further, try being polite and relevant in your mails. This way, they won’t step back and get more time to think about your services.

8. Send Mails with Future Special Offers

One of the greatest sources for your future sales of your eCommerce site is your prior clients. Yes, target your old customers and let them know about the special future offers you’re selling. For this, your e commerce site needs to have the ability to save the email address of your users and facilitate them with an opt in box, so they can check and receive future offers. After this, your site must be able to transfer these offers to your email marketing software, so that you can send an email to all your prior customers, weekly or monthly as per your wish. Offers can be a good discount or any notice or perhaps a special item, anything you want your users to know!

So, do you already have an eCommerce site? Are you planning to start one? Wondering, what you can do to increase your sales and conversion rate? By condensing all these killer tactics, you can really improve your conversions and Return on Investment. So, make your Ecommerce site worth visiting and extremely profitable with your mails.