Building and growing your mail list concurrently could be really very difficult, especially in the beginning when you just started with the things. You struggle more and more to get even few subscribers per day and keep putting great efforts until you build a list of say 1000 subscribers. Even this big list is actually considered small but it requires ample time and dedication to reach here. Once you have crossed this level and have a pretty receptive list of users, which is an essential element, you can start growing your list much faster using premium Solo Ads.

The money lies within your list! If you have a list of 1000 subscribers who are loyal and quite responsive, then you can choose a number of ways available to you to make cash online.

Where to Start with Solo Ads- Guide for a Newbie

Paying a stranger to blast your services and offering to completely an unknown list of subscribers could be very challenging as well as unpredictable. Will they send subscribers to your list? How to discover, if their list will be responsive to your services? There are so many other questions that may pop up in your mind. The good news is good sellers will always provide you tracking that will help you know when the advert has been sent. You will receive it in the form of screen shot, which will prove how many clicks your offer has received.  As far as their response is concerned, that’s less clear cut in the screen shot.

Here, are some useful tips that will help you begin your work smartly:

1.  Start off with Cheap Ads

As a beginner, you should consider trying cheap Solo Ads rather than expensive ones. Usually, all Solo Ads are cheap as compared to other advertising campaigns, but you will be amazed to know how much these ads can vary in cost. For example, you can pay between $20 up to $150 for a 100 click solo ad. Isn’t it good? While, it has been found that more expensive ads are transmitted to an extensive and highly responsive list. You cannot discover this phenomenon, unless you try. So, it is highly recommended for a newbie to go for cheaper ads first, analyze the results and then go for the expensive ones. So if your investment turns out to be a failure, you’ve not really lost too much.

2.  Test a Range of List Owners and a Variety of Solo Ads

Even if you’re running a successful Solo Ads campaign with a single list owner then please stop doing this. The reason is your subscribers will march out the doors if you use the same ad seller too many times. So, it is recommended to try different list owners- at least 4 to 5 and then evaluate your returns. For example, you can pay for 5 100 click solo ads to 5 different list owners and compare how many subscriptions you receive this time. Always check if your readers are opening your follow up mails, because this will help you know how receptive that particular list is. Remember, in online marketing quality leads, not quantity!

Hard Hitting Tips to Grow your List Exponentially

While Social Media power, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more are gaining popularity and attention of visitors, Email Marketing is still a King. Emails and Solo Ads have far more impact on your business than Facebook and Twitter. You won’t believe this, but daily activity has shown that Facebook gets 60 million updates per day, and Twitter gets 140 million tweets, but what about emails? 180 billion messages are being sent per day. It has been found that 93% of consumers are more likely to use emails rather than Social Media sites.

So, here are some effective tips to grow your list in the quickest way possible.

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  • Don’t ever, ever buy your list! It means that you have to grow your list organically and that’s all about it.
  • Make your Sign up form visible on every page of your site. By placing this form on a prominent spot, you will be able to get more traffic to your form and compel users to take some action and subscribe your offers.
  • Give users a reason to sign up in your Ads it means that you need to provide some benefits they will receive, after they sign up.
  • Offer valuable free gifts on a regular basis to your clients. A gift can be a good discount, an eBook, 30 minutes free consulting and much more. In this way, you will be able to retain your users’ attention and convince them to stick with your services.
  • Make an attention grabbing subject line that encourages subscribers to open up your mail.
  • Keep your body text short and simple, so your ad looks classy.
  • Place relevant links after including the body text.
  • Give a CALL TO ACTION in the end of your Solo Ads.
  • You can also leave a P.S. after placing the links- like you can tell your readers to watch a video after signing up or download anything you want them to know.

By packing these useful strategies in your Solo Ads, not only you will be able to expand your list, but you will also be able to keep your readers on it for long time. If you have any comments or tips, please feel free to share with us.