Everyone knows that Pay Per Click, pop up ads, solo ads and other marketing strategies are much expensive and nowhere near as effective as media buys. When companies and advertising campaigns are ready to implement some productive marketing strategies to generate sales and leads, there is no better option to start with than Media Buying.

This marketing technique ensures that you get the best possible value from your marketing budget and that you are able to negotiate the most productive deals to maximize your Return on Investment.

If managed smartly, digital display can truly become a highly competitive and powerful medium that can produce greater ROIs, greater conversions and greater site traffic. In this article, we will provide you with 8 winning tips to create a highly converting banner so that your business gains more awareness and visibility around the globe.

1.  Make Display an Experiment

You should treat your banners like a science experiment that requires the testing of various elements to get the best possible outcome. Similarly, by building several versions that involve different things, you can learn if certain techniques and messages attract the attention of certain type of users. Hence, by incorporating correct information and testing various things you can make the banner buy more productive.

2.  Craft an effective Banner using Images

Images and pictures are the heart of an attention grabbing banner, especially the pictures of other people. You might think it’s cheap to advertise your banner with a smiling girl wearing a headset microphone or a woman holding a fistful of cash, but in actual those banners do matter since people are emotionally drawn to other people. You should send the message to your audience that a happy person in the picture who is using your product, can make them happy too, no matter how artificial your ad looks!


3.  Make Your Ad ‘Unpleasant’

Sounds weird, right? So far, you have been getting tips for creating a pretty looking banner, but the ad which isn’t very fancy will actually get ample conversions. It’s because an ugly banner catches the eye. You can use a number of ways to make your banner look noticeable,  for example, you can make your ad blink every single second in an irritating way, make it simple using plain text on a white field and much more. We know it’s absolutely odd, but give it a try and see the results!

4.  Use Numbers and Statistics in your Banners

No matter how skeptical your customers are, they won’t apply their skepticism to the statistics. So, your banners should display exact statistics, like most consumers love to know exact benefits they will receive from your product. By using this technique, you will make things easier and credible for your audience.

5.  Be Patient

Real time bidding isn’t that simple, it involves mathematical information, which has to be conveyed to your algorithm. As we know, all algorithms take ample time to learn things, especially about the audience and become more competitive at discovering the best cookies to bid on. So, drop your pixel well in advance and gather data about all the visitors who pass through your site. That way, you can save plenty of your time.

6.  Always be Optimizing

If you are expecting all heavy lifting from poor little banners, then you are seriously lacking behind. Directing your messages from banner to squeeze page is very essential- in fact mandatory! You need to test every single step to evaluate the effectiveness of your site, so that you can get optimum results. Keep optimizing things and stay on top!

7.  Blend Your Banner

Here, blending means to make your ad or banner look like it’s a part of your website, which is being displayed. You can pick the color theme, text style, size, type cases and more elements from your site to flawlessly borrow its look and enhance your Click through rate.

8.  Show Benefits in Your Banner

It is a fact that people love to know how contented and satisfied they will be after they choose your product. Most people don’t care what your product can do they just want to hear what a product can do for them. So, the point is you should tell your audience what they will receive and how soon they’ll receive it.

Undoubtedly, banner ads are one of the most popular and productive ways to embark upon your media campaign, that’s because it takes plenty of space on the screen, using multiple elements to attract more customers. So, enhance your CTR using high converting banners and generate maximum leads in the future!