It’s no secret that banner ads click through rates have been waning since the development of web. It has been found that click through rates on banners were as high as 78% in 1994 and have declined to 0.1% today. There are lots of marketing tactics out there, which will help you combat this by designing effective banners to acquire a high click through rate.

In this article, we put together the following 8 powerful tactics to get the bangs for your advertising campaign.

1.  Define your Target Audience

If you don’t know who you are going to sell your services to, it’s practically impossible to design a high converting ad for your campaign. You need to figure out some important characteristics about your target audience. For example, their age group, income level, gender etc. Explore what your customers are seeking out, what they care about, what are their preferences and above all, why they should choose your brand or product. This is the most crucial step for creating an effective ad.

2.  Text Heavy Banners get High Click through Rates

Nowadays, most banner ads are over filled with graphics, but fancy and colorful ads don’t stand out from the rest. In addition to it, these types of banners do not contain much information about your services or products, so they are nearly useless. Instead of using your graphical skills, explain your services and offers within 2 to 3 sentences. In this way, you will be able to fill the communication gap between you and your audience and get higher number of clicks.

3.  Never Add your Price on Banner Ads

It is highly recommended that marketers should not add price on their banners, as this will kill their click through rates, drastically. Further, you will also end up getting fewer impressions if you include the cost in your ad.

4.  Choose Target Rich Websites

Once you have identified your goals and target audience, your next move would be to find out the sites that are frequently visited by potential customers and also how your ads will be displayed on those sites. For the best results, you can use some reliable services of BuySellAds and TextLinkAds. These sources will help you find keyword specific sites to advertise your banners.

5.  Ad Placement and Sizes

The location where your ad is displayed on a website, it purely depends on the website you target, the ad size and your budget. If you make larger ads and want them to be placed on a prominent spot, they will definitely cost more. Set a sufficient budget for a powerful advertising campaign and choose the correct size and spot, so your ad can be viewed without scrolling the page, because many customers don’t like to drag pages up and down to view an ad. In short words, your ad should be above the fold.

6.  Include Discounts or Free Products in your Banner

Adding special offers and exciting discounts can prove to be helpful for getting higher click through rates.

7.  Add People’s Faces to Your Banners

It has been found that adding people’s faces in your banner ads can really help you get higher click through rates. This is because people can emotionally be linked with other people, so it’s one of the greatest strategies to attract the audience to your site.


8.  Do Something Crazy

Nowadays, it is very difficult to pull the attention of customers with some fancy looking banners, because most of the banners look alike. Then, here’s the craziest idea of using meme faces in your ads. Sounds weird, right? Yes, it has worked wonders for many marketers, providing 500% increment in their click through rates. Seriously, that’s something we all have longed for!

If you are advertising on the Content Network and haven’t used banner ads yet, then you are obviously missing out on a large number of clicks that can turn your sales into millions of dollars. Banners are a must to have feature for a powerful advertising campaign. Give it a try!