In this article, we will reveal some top secrets of the successful marketers who used to make around $1000 per day. The most surprising part is 90% of those marketers used Solo Ads for advertising their services. Sounds intriguing, right? Undoubtedly, Solo Ads are found to be the most inexpensive and successful marketing strategy that promotes your products and services to other list owners’ subscribers, generating greater sales and leads.

Furthermore, these ads are less restricted than other marketing strategies. For example, you can add to an email list up to 1000 to a million plus users, depending upon your links.

Where can you find Solo Ads Vendors?

Ad Swap- the largest Solo Ads community or group is responsible for providing a large number of experienced and reliable list owners, who provide you a highly responsive list of subscribers. It is the greatest source of providing legit and professional vendors to boost your company’s sales, incredibly. Make sure you do not connect your autoresponder or list with Ad Swap, as it has the power to steal your subscribers. So, beware while working with Ad Swap!

4 Winning Strategies to Make Money Online with Solo Ads

Here are some useful strategies to make more money with Solo Ads:

1.  Make your Offers on Squeeze Page

The real purpose for any online business is to build a list of leads. If you aren’t generating any leads, you are seriously lacking behind and wasting your money on Solo Ads. In order to get leads, try improving your squeeze page or landing page, because the squeeze page is your offer. Make it as appealing as you can and try including Swipe Linking in your landing page. The page is used to grab email addresses from the seller that are finally included in your email list, so it should be more meaningful and attractive than any other thing in your ad.

2.  Add Tracking System

So far, the best tracking systems are Quality Click Control, (a URL shortner), Clix Trac and Ad Trackz Gold. These softwares are reliable and proved to give good tracking information about the effectiveness of your ads. Avoid using URL shortners, as they could finish up in spam filters, which in turn cause your emails not being delivered.

3.  Include a Thank you Page

You can send the subscribers to a thank you page after they sign in. It is purely optional, but if used in mails can build good business relationship with your customers.


4.  Use MLSP to create a highly converted Squeeze page

There are many solo ads vendors who don’t encourage MLM products, because too many marketers will buy solo ads and prop up the same offer, which is quite useless. Perhaps their subscribers dislike over promotion. The best thing you can do is use MLSP, which will help you design a unique and highly targeted landing page. With this effective tool, you can build Facebook App and record leads on your Facebook page in order to expand your business in a productive way.

Cautions while advertising through Solo Ads

  • You will find plenty of solo ads vendors out there, but not all of them are reliable. Unfortunately, most of them sell complete crap. So, beware while choosing your list provider.
  • Utilize advanced tracking system and track everything around. This is essential, as you are investing your hard earned to promote your brand.
  • Last but not the least, be patient! Things will take ample time to bring you the desired results.

Making money online is not getting richer quickly. In fact, it’s all about learning, spending time and implementing the right marketing strategy. By condensing all these useful tips, you will be able to make bigger cash using Solo Ads. If you have more helpful tips and any comments about our article, please let us know so that we can make other readers aware of them too.