Pay Per View ads, pop up ads or cost per view ads- whatever you call them, they are one of the most popular sources of driving traffic to your site. Simply, we can say that it is one of the best formulas for all the affiliate marketers out there! Here the good news is PPV networks are less restricted, means you can get every sort of forte up and can run more successfully and there are higher chances to make great money on these networks.

In today’s world, Pay Per View plays a key marketing role in paid search campaigns and it proves to be more cost effective and irresistible than other advertising techniques.

5 Winning tips to make your PPV Campaign more Profitable

If some of your mistakes or wrong strategies have got you down, you are not alone and it’s not too late as well. You can still do much better and turn your efforts into great rewards. All you need to do is to apply smart tactics to increase your sales. However, ROI makes it all worthwhile. So, let’s take a look at 5 amazing tips to improve your PPV Campaign in hopes of achieving better ROIs.

1.  Use a Landing Page

There are many marketers, perhaps including you, who want to choose the easiest route and create direct linked campaigns throughout the day. In some cases this strategy works, like if you are paying 1 to 2 cents per each pop up ad, then you are seriously making good cash. In most of the cases, it does not work in the way you want. Here what you can do is use a landing page, attract more viewers and bring more cash. Hence, by adding an attention grabbing headline, few essential pointers, a Call to action button and a relevant video or image, you can seriously drive more viewers to your site. Try it out!

2.  Diversify Keyword Targeting and Accurate Match

If you confine yourself to one or two similar keywords, then you will never be able to excel in online domain. Make sure whatever phrase or keyword you select should be targeted by a few competitors, as it costs much less to bid on and has the higher chances of conversions because your visitors will have very limited alternatives to opt from. Try avoiding phrases or broad terms that are highly competitive and are targeted by many other marketers, since they charge you more and offer lower conversion rates. So, if you are running a low budget company, then you can enjoy great profits with exact match terms!


3. Split your project into Different Campaigns

There are tons of advantages of providing several campaigns to your site, rather than having a single campaign. Let’s take a look at some worth considering benefits:

  • Analyzing and tracking the progress of individual segments will become more time saving and easier for the marketers.
  • In addition to it, individual advertising campaigns will allow you to set a limited budget range for each keyword- means you will have better control on your budget.
  • You can utilize the same keyword and create different materials for each campaign, in order to attract more viewers. You can use both search ads and content ads for best results because search ads will target more search engine users, while content ads will be geared towards grabbing the attention of the viewers.

4. Use Analysis

Google comes up with a variety of great Analytical tools, allowing you to explore which ad is working well and which isn’t. So, what are you waiting for? Analyze your progress with the help of these tools, so that you can make your advertising campaign even better.

5. Try To Achieve High Quality Score

Your Google Quality Score actually tells you where your ads will rank on the search pages. Try to achieve and maintain high Quality Score by providing best quality ads and following all the rules, set by Google Adwords.

Stay on top by considering all these useful strategies for a powerful PPV Campaign.