Have you ever wished to find out how to use Media Buys to help you expand your business?  You need to interact and convey your messages to the millions of potential customers, who are willing to buy your services. They need you, but they have not discovered you yet.

However, there are some real and effective ways to grow your business exponentially. One of these methods is ‘Media Buying’.

Through years of trial and error, some experts have tapered media buys down to an exact science. Here are some winning secrets to turn your Media Buys into million of dollar winners:

1.  Target High Traffic Sites

The first and foremost secret is targeting high traffic websites. If your offer attracts general public, then it is one of the best ways to get a thousand leads per day. So, you need to figure out the products that do well on high traffic sites, for example, cost effective vehicles, Dish Network, diet products and so on. One of the most favorable sites is Whitepages.com.  Do try it!

2.  Buy Direct

You must be wondering how you can access those high traffic sites. All you need is appropriate and reliable ad networks, like Pulse 360. This network is popular for providing fast and easy access to highly targeted websites. The only problem is, you need to pay a huge premium while working with Pulse 360. So the best thing you can do is buying direct. For doing so, you need to pose as an advertising agency, so you can easily contact with the high traffic sites. This way, your cost will go way down and help you generate more leads rapidly.

3.  Targeted Site should be Relevant

Make sure the site that you advertise your banners on, should be highly relevant to your services. The higher the relevance, the greater the results will be, so, it should be your foremost priority.  In fact, it is mandatory to figure out some relevant sites to display your offers.


4.    Design Banners that Pull Attention

Remember, your banners need to stand out from the rest in the market. Make it highly competitive and noticeable using some kind of animation, images, colors and other elements to garnish the interest of your viewers. Make sure, your ads look decent and should appear above the fold, meaning that your viewers don’t have to drag the page down to view it clearly.

5.  Deliver What You Promise

If you are offering any discount or sale on a product, the URL available on your banner should lead your customers to that specific offer. You need to ensure that your ad does not always link to your homepage. In fact, it should directly link to the advertised product.

Direct your audience to the right place!

6.  Do your Research

The best way to learn about what is working and what’s not is to analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies. Explore what your competitors are doing? Are their ads doing very well or are they going very low? In this way, you will explore the right strategy for your advertising campaign.

If your company’s ROI, CTR and leads aren’t where you want them at, try implementing more tactics to find out what works best for your business, as media buying is all about split testing and only split testing.