“I want to appear on the front page of Google results, what am I supposed to do?”

This is what we usually hear from most of the marketers, but many business owners don’t know the level of complexity of achieving higher rankings on search results and some are amazed to see the efforts required to accomplish their goals. In today’s world, using Pay Per Click advertising is an effective technique to acquire a competitive appearance at the first page of Google results.

Pay Per Click Advertising truly plays a key marketing role in any business. The question is how you can grow your PPC account, what the main strategies to improve and review your campaign are and how you can get more from Pay Per Click campaigns. Here, we have six essential tips to get you out of this fix.

6 Fundamental Approaches to Grow your PPC Account

If you are a paid research marketer and your account hasn’t been optimized yet, then your first and foremost step is to review whether the basics are correctly implemented. If not, then you need to work really hard to grow your business successfully. Here you go with the tips!

1.  Set Your Budget

Whenever you are planning your account formation, always keep in view your daily budget and also how this would be distributed throughout your campaigns. Let’ suppose, you have a daily budget of 10$ and you have to allocate your budget over 20 campaigns. As a result, your visibility will be restricted because each campaign would only receive a budget of $0.50. If your cost per click is approximately $1.00 mark, then your keywords will never appear because the CPC goes beyond your budget line. So, it’s important that you set your budget before you form any account

2.   Set your Hands on High Converting Keywords

Create a separate dedicated campaign which will pull out high converting keywords for your site. This way, you can grow your account more effectively by spending more time monitoring your keywords and optimizing the performance.

3.  Search and Display Targeting

Search and Display play different and essential roles in your business. They need to be scrutinized and optimized individually, that is why it is important to target both Search and Display in separate campaigns. This is a common mistake which is found in many Pay Per Click accounts, because Adwords compel marketers to choose both search and display for a new campaign. So, keep them separate to maximize your gains.

images4.  Quality Checks

Due to the diversity of Pay Per Click Accounts, it is easy for marketers to make mistakes. Like some marketers select wrong settings for the campaign, while others add keywords into the incorrect AdGroup. So, make sure that you perform a full quality check on your account before posting any changes. This step is vital because any error or small mistake can be pricey and detrimental to the efficiency of your account.

5.  Make your AdGroups Granular

The most vital element for the enhanced Quality Score is click through rate. This factor can be improved by making text Ads extremely relevant to your keywords. So, make your AdGroups granular, because this option will provide itself for tailoring ads more purposely.

6.  Revisit your Account

Make sure that you visit your account at least once or twice a year to ensure that your account is carrying out the best practices and is following the foundation principles of a successful paid search campaign.

There are tons of minor and avoidable mistakes which can prove to be harmful and costly in paid search marketing. By squeezing all these breakthrough tips, while reviewing and improving your account structure, you will be able to manage your Pay Per Click account in an effective way in terms of money and time as well. Good Luck!