Undoubtedly, paid search marketing is still one of the best techniques for the advertisers who are looking to drive great outcomes. Despite the increasing popularity of some flashy new ideas like Social Media, PPC persists to remain an essential marketing tool and strong foundation for serious advertising campaigns.

However, writing a compelling and relevant Ad copy for your Pay Per Click advertising can be a daunting task, but the good news is you don’t have to be super innovative while compiling a competitive ad text. In fact, following a realistic approach can prove to be very benefiting for your campaigns.

Elementary Tips to Write an Attention Grabbing Ad Copy

In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips so you can write a highly competitive Ad Copy that will stand out in the market, regardless of your rankings.

Follow Ad Copy Rules Strictly

Remember that all the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN and more have restricted policies regarding advertising. However, in past few months some of the rules have been changed, like Google now gives relaxation to the marketers on gambling and alcohol related ads, but you should look out for what is allowed or what’s not.

Test Different Ad Copies

It is one of the most essential and award winning steps that is usually missed out by most marketers. Writing only one copy ad and depending on it to gain profits is not a pragmatic approach. It is important that you test different ad copies to know what is actually working. One of the best ways to test your ad copy is to change one or more elements. For example, you can change your title, as well as you can vary the entire ad copy to see the effects on the overall results.

Include a Catchy Headline

Headlines play an essential role in your ad copies, because they are more likely to influence your visitors to click. Here are some tips to create an eye catching headline.

  • Use DKL in your Headline- DKL stands for Dynamic Keyword Insertion that helps you making an ad copy relevant to your keywords. There is no need to do anything manually, as DKI is an automated setup that displays your ad copy to the users. Whenever a keyword within a search query matches your keywords group, it will automatically place the keyword in your ad copy and put in view for the visitors.
  • Simplicity and Relevance- the text you are including in headlines should be clear and precise. Try being straight forward and keep your content as simple as you can. It has been found from eye tracking studies that the headline has the most serious impact on a paid research ad, so your text should be extremely relevant to your keywords.
  • Include Keyword in Your Headline- the inclusion of primary keywords in your headlines can help you get more clicks. If you have small amount of keywords in your AdGroups or you have a generic based campaign, then it is quite easy to relate your keywords to user’s query search.

Include Questions in Your Ad Copy

One thing that can often retain your visitors’ attention is using questions in the ad copy. If your ad is speaking about some solutions to their problems, then you’ve got the key they have longed for. So, using questions can seriously draw the eyes of the audience on your ad and make them more curious to know the offers you are selling.

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Write Powerful Body Text

Again, you have another crucial element of a PPC ad Body Text. Your body text should be so compelling, purposeful and organized to ensure that a user converts into a customer, no matter what form of conversion it is: sign up, lead, sale or anything else.

Here are some key points that should be considered while creating the body text.

  1. Relevance and Simplicity is essential (AGAIN)
  2. Call to action- you need to use appealing expressions to attract more and more users to click on your ad copies, such as “buy”, “get”, “order”, sign up” and so on.
  3. Be confident about your services- if you are selling great products and services, then accept it and say so. Don’t be modest because you have too many competitors around.
  4. Less will give you more- here ‘less’ means that fewer words can often have bigger impact on users. Enigmatic text will cause you to lose you clicks.
  5. Use Power Words- using enthralling adjectives, such as “excellent”, “unique”, “exclusive” and more can drive you great results.

Writing a strong ad copy should be one of your top priorities for a powerful PPC Campaign and this would require action and commitment to get it right. By condensing all these tips, you’ll hopefully be able to write a highly competitive ad copy. If you have more helpful suggestions, please do share with us.