Pay Per View:

The ad-ware software gets triggered whenever a user searches for a certain keyword or visits certain webpage. This webpage is an advertisement and may pop under or over the current web browsing window. Every time the advertisement pops up, it is considered a view or an impression (technically). Each time the ad is shown, unlike PPC, the advertiser is charged with some fee for their landing page showing up on the user’s computer.


Cost effective

Cost efficiency is the first objective for any new business but pay per view provides an efficient approach to this. PPV helps you to cut short some of the overhead expenses and brings down your total expenses on advertising. It gives the highest return with minimum investment made in this advertising policy. That means you are getting maximum exposure to probable customers at very low cost.

Helpful for Target Marketing

If your product is for specific class of crowd and you intent to exploit maximum possible outcome then you can use this form of advertising effectively. If visitors intent to purchase some product similar to that of yours then chances are maximum that they will get attracted to your advertisement which may bring them to your website and this provides a great opportunity for your business.

Creates Brand Awareness

Using pay per view advertising solution, you present an opportunity for your brand to be staged in front of maximum number of possible customers, efficiently. Brand awareness is one of the basic features of marketing, on which all advertising experts rely. PPV makes you reach maximum number of people in order to fulfill the basics of advertising.



Affiliate marketers

The traffic that PPV Affiliates are driving is not their traffic, since the person buying has no actual traffic of his own.  PPV is driven by popping ads over or opening new tabs when an end user reaches a website or url or recognizes a keyword phrase. This is unprofitable for any party involved in this.

Creates negative impact

When someone is treated with continuous pop up windows or tabs while they are looking for some serious stuff or maybe looking for something which is really important to them at that very moment that person most probably will get irritated and this creates a negative image for your brand.

Traffic Related to Adware

Adware is a software which is aimed at displaying web based advertisements on your computer screen. People find it extremely annoying and most importantly adware are considered threat to computers, so instead of creating a good picture it might get you blocked from a user’s machine. In that case you are not only losing a probable customer but you also lose some hard earned cash.


Pay Per Click:


Before launching your PPC campaign, you need to establish clear objectives and goals. PPC advertising can generate a lot of traffic in little time but at a dear cost. Understanding the lead close time and lifetime customer value to measure the long term return on investment for your PPC campaign is necessary.



Flexible Budget

PPC allows you to have flexible financial options because you pay only after your purpose of posting the advertisement is fulfilled which is to reach the customer directly and completely. You pay only after your ad is being viewed by the visitor and that is a very fair game, in other words true value for money.

Speed to market

Unlike other online advertising options PPC ads can be launched quickly in front of your consumer. It channels the targeted traffic quickly with filter. Ability to reach consumers in efficient manner is a very crucial step towards commencing successful sale.


Highly targeted website traffic

Assigning different ad variations for specific keywords and demographics can increase the quality of your website traffic.  PPC ads can be scheduled to run during the best sales periods and by targeting visitors from any particular region.

Testing Capabilities

PPC is a great way to provide testing for keywords. It enables you to determine if a full site campaign is worth doing.  It is fruitful even for a landing page, allowing you to channel traffic to different pages of your site in order to find which page attracts and converts the traffic into sales or whatever you desire. Tracking and testing the facts from time to time helps you make smart money either by aggressive marketing or by relocating your investment for better result.

Can generate high traffic in less time

PPC enables you to generate more traffic in less time if it has been placed and designed artistically and logically correct. Tempting the visitor to click on your advertisement and hence making him visit your website is about creating curiosity to explore. Posting a creative ad about your product related to art and paintings would tempt a person who is even minutely interested in art activities. Such tricks tempt people and make your product climb up in sales.



Constant development needed

Marketers must ensure that they keep good and developing relation with the visitors and in order to achieve it they need to keep it evolving by introducing new changes and creative ideas. They need to make sure that it nurtures with time and doesn’t cause boredom to their visitors. It costs a bit more than the other methods available.

Limited results

Creating a brand value is a very important task. In the case of PPC, established brand value is desired if someone wants high returns on the investments made. Visitors will click on your advertisement if they are already aware of your brand or your advertisement is highly appealing. Not having a brand value would result in limited returns from new customers.

No window shoppers

Window shoppers are not only your probable customers but they are also your advertisers. Word of mouth is more reliable and is spread instantly, without any cost being incurred. If visitors need to click on the advertisement to see the whole picture then you may expect them to be too busy or too lazy. This keeps you away from probable customers and people who can spread a word about your amazing products.