Running an effective Retargeting Campaign is one of the outstanding ways to bring your audience back to your website. In fact, there are many marketers out there, who believe that retargeting is the best solution that you can buy within your marketing budget. Whether you want to increase customers’ activation, site traffic or brand awareness- this technique has proven to be productive on countless occasions.

While retargeting has generated tremendous leads and outcomes in past few years, we always warn our advertisers that a poorly managed campaign can be detrimental to their marketing efforts. Because of this, we put together some best practices, so you can get the most out of your retargeting Campaign.

Read on to explore seven winning tips!

1. Retarget The Users Who Have Abandoned Your Conversion Rate

While Facebook exchange has proven to be the most effective way of retargeting your audience, you can also utilize Custom Audience to bring your users back. If you currently filter out the visitors who have abandoned your website during conversion process, then there’s no better option to retarget your potential customers than using Custom Audience. Design a creative banner ad and give them a convincing reason to return. For instance, you can offer discounts or incentives to the visitors that make them feel special.

2. Don’t Under serve Or Overbear Your Audience

One of the worst things most marketers do is bombard their audience with countless ads- doing so will likely infuriate a lot of your potential customers.  Conversely, there is no need to serve very few ads- this can seriously kill your click through rates. So, the best way is finding equilibrium between underserving and overbearing your customers. We highly recommend our advertisers to set up a frequency cap of 10 to 15 impressions to each visitor per month- the most suitable way to keep your brand on the top.

3. Raise the stakes

By this point, we mean you need to offer some incentives to regain the attention of your audience. Your ads should be able to create a desire or sense of urgency in your users. For example, you can include scarcity messages like “Hurry Up!”, “Limited Time Only” and so on. These messages will prompt your audience to take an action quickly.

4. Segment Users On The Basis Of Their Level Of Intent- High Funnel V/S Low Funnel

For this, you need to understand your site and audience and retarget them differently based on their levels of intent. Your first priority is to target high funnel users. To do this, you need to stay in front (homepage or information gathering) of your customers for longer time, as you can easily target them at the early stages of their purchase. On the other hand, users who target the low funnel areas of your site- like shopping cart etc. try getting them back to complete the purchase.

5. Retarget Your Audience in Facebook’s Newsfeed

The best way to engage your potential customers is posting highly visible ads and offers in their News Feed on Facebook. That’s because people usually spend most of their time on Facebook. This way users will share, like and comment on your ads, returning back with higher sales and leads.

6. Have an Incredible Network reach

A retargeter’s Incredible Network is an amazing combination of dozens of reliable networks that help you re-engage your customers from as many places as possible. So, it’s important for you to reach any efficient Retargeting Network to ensure that you are retargeting your audience across as much ad inventory as possible. Some of the best networks include Yahoos Right Media, Google’s Double click and Fox Audience Network and so on.


7. Retarget an Actionable Audience

The correct placement of your segment pixel can either make or break the effectiveness your campaign. It is the best practice to drop your segment pixel on your landing pages or homepage to ensure that you are only retargeting those users who visit your site proactively and are familiar with your brand. If you are driving low quality traffic to your site while paying huge premium, perhaps you are not retargeting the appropriate customers.

Knowing these useful tips can really help you get more out of your retargeting efforts. If you have any additional insights or tips of your own, feel free to share with us.