When it comes to Pay Per Click, there are so many paths to follow which makes the whole process complex and overwhelming. Most of the marketers are perplexed and they often ask the experts what is the best metric they should go for? We all just want to explore the top pedals that we can pull to reach our destination.

According to our research, there are two best paths among thousands of Google Ad Words accounts that strongly associate with success. Here are the two metrics that you should consider for an effective Pay Per Click campaign.

  1. Account Activity
  2. Quality Score

In account activity, you will get for what you will pay. Advertisers who work harder on their accounts will ultimately receive best results. As far as Quality Score is concerned, they generally reduce the costs. So, optimizing for Quality Scores is almost same as working for greater ROI.

Why Should You Care about Quality Score?

If you are a PPC marketer, then Quality Score is the key tool for paid search marketing campaign. Let’s figure out why and when you need high Quality Scores.

  • Your competitors seem to be banging you- if you wish that your ads appear higher than those of your competitors at no extra cost, then you really need to care about Quality Scores.
  • Dissatisfaction due to lower ROIs- you want to maximize your gains and leads by using Adwords campaign, without having to pay much.
  • Lack of Resources- you don’t have enough resources to accomplish your goals.
  • Rising PPC Costs- If you are disturbed with constantly rising Pay Per Click cost, then you need to consider the benefits of Quality Scores.

Why you should Spend More Time Optimizing for High Quality Score

Quality Score is a powerful technique that predicts your success. As we know that Google’s main objective is to keep its users happy and satisfied, that is why they keep using the top search engine and keep clicking the results. If your campaigns, ads and landing pages get more and more clicks, it will automatically raise your Quality Score, which in turn will find out both what you pay for PPC Campaign and your ads ranking.

So if you have decided to spend more time and put more efforts in your account, you should primarily focus on raising and optimizing your Quality Scores. This is the technique which will bring you more clicks, more conversions and higher rankings at very lower cost. Wondering how lower? Continue reading to know further details!

Craig Danuloff in 2009 carried out great research on Quality Score and crunched some numbers to show the effect of Quality Score on CPC (cost per click). He found that Quality Score has fallen down drastically in the past few years. In 2009, the average was 7 out of 10, but today’s average score is just slightly over 5. So, we can conclude that keyword Quality Scores above 5 is considered better than average and proves to be benefitting for most businesses. Accounts with QS lower than 5 are harmful to your business.

  • The Quality Score of 6 has become more valuable than it was to be used in last few years. It decreases your CPC by 16.7%.
  • The Quality Score of 9 saves you up to 44% rather than 22%.
  • The Quality Score of 10 can seriously save you great amount around 50% on CPC. This shows that if your keywords gain 10 QS then you would only be paying half of the cost. Isn’t it amazing?

Now you must be wondering how to find your impression weighted Quality Score. The easiest way of doing that is to grade your account with the help of Ad Words Performance Grader. This efficient tool will help you check your Pay Per Click account instantly with the help of 8 different techniques, including impression weighted Quality Score.

How to Improve your Scores?


Here are the four winning tactics to raise your QS.

1.  Quality Ad Text

Try finding out convincing messaging methods to make your ad text more appealing in order to influence the targeted audience.

2.   Utilize Ad Extensions

Make use of Ad Words Ads Extension- like sitelinks to create bigger ads with additional places to click. This way, you can truly boost your CTR without having to pay more.

3.   Focus on Brand Terms

Search for branded keywords because they tend to come up with higher conversions and click throughs. So, they will ultimately raise your Quality Score above the average figure.

4.   Organize your keywords list

The well organized and manageable keyword database will help you achieve higher Quality Scores. Hence, this shows that organization of your keywords is very crucial!

Since it is evident that Quality Score has become a vital tool for paid search campaigns and because all search engines use the same relevance based system for ads promotion, you should spend more time optimizing for high scores.