Using data to retarget your potential customers with more enticing offers and attractive ads is gaining more popularity these days. Do you know why? That’s because, retargeting makes your online business more productive and efficient by recapturing your prior clients- means you can expect higher returns and lead to run a powerful advertising campaign. In fact, you can blow up your bank account with this super effective technique, if implemented smartly.

If you want to learn all of the ins and outs of retargeting, then here are top 8 recommendations to grow your business drastically.

8 Winning Tips to Maximize Your Returns

1.  Frequency Caps

Getting two or more visits to your site not at all means that your audience wants to see your ads everywhere they go. That’s quite annoying! For this reason, we recommend advertisers to set a frequency cap. It will bind the number of times a tagged customer will view your ads and will prevent your potential users from feeling overwhelmed. The best strategy is displaying your ads 17 to 20 times per user per month. So make sure you avoid overexposure, as this can prove to be disadvantageous to your ROI.

2.  Never Ignore View through Conversions

Most of the marketers focus on getting higher clicks as a key marketing strategy, since it is easier to measure and track the effectiveness of a brand with click through rates, but the reality is bit different. Majority of visitors never click on an ad and those who do it, do it accidentally. Smart marketers are those who also consider other types of measurements- like view through conversions. This will help you track those customers who convert after viewing your banner ads that they never snap on.  So, give it a try and enjoy more conversions and greater sales.

3.  Flip the Funnel Upside Down

By this point, we mean that you should reward your existing potential users that have already shown keen interest in your brand. For doing this, you need to expand their interest in your services by recapturing their attention with a number of alluring opportunities and offers. You can do it in two different ways- one is monetizing your audience (externally), while other is creating a loyalty campaign (internally). This tip can drive in greater revenue.

4.  Single-Provider Retargetng

Using multiple providers to run your retargeting campaign might get you into a number of serious disadvantages. So, if you want to test and measure your brand effectiveness with different providers, it’s more feasible to test in succeeding months using one provider at a time. This way, you will be able to decrease your media cost and increase the chances to make more money online.

5.  Use a Burn Pixel

By constantly serving ads to the customers that are already converted, companies are only serving to annoy their prestigious users. For this, you can use a burn pixel or burn code to prevent your audience from feeling besieged. The small fragment of this code will be posted on your transaction page, which in turn untags any of your users who has already made a purchase. So, burn your previous campaign and enroll your users into a new one!

6.  Don’t Retarget Everyone

All the visitors who view your ads are not necessarily your potential customers. So, the best way to avoid inactive visitors is using data points, so you can develop a clear picture of site’s visitors. This process is known as, Programmatic Site Retargeting (PSR). This way you can assign a score to each of the users, which will display how much you should submit to serve an impression. By using PSR, you will be left with fewer wasted impressions and greater profits and revenues.

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7.  Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation is essential for displaying your ads and messages to the users in distributed stages of the purchase funnel. All you need to do is placing different retargeting pixels on different pages on your site. After doing this you have to check if someone views your page and provide them your basic brand information. If your visitor shows interest in your brand, you can serve more enticing offers and ads to the specific customers.

8.  Consider Demographic, Geographic and Contextual Retargeting

When you retarget your audience with consideration for geographic, contextual and demographic, you don’t waste all valuable impressions on users who are completely inappropriate for your campaign. Advertise designing depends on various factors like demographic information including age or gender, contextual factors like subject matter of the site and geographic information. By condensing all these factors, you can explode your sales and overall revenue.

When used appropriately, retargeting can prove to be very effective strategy for all types of businesses. By considering the above best practices, you’ll be sure to see incredible returns and higher performance of your campaign.